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Oldsmobile 350

The second generation of Oldsmobile V8s was produced from 1964 through 1990. Most of these engines were very similar, using the same bore centers, although "big-block" versions were produced with a 10.625 in (269.9 mm) deck height rather than 9.33 in (237 mm). Big-block and Diesel versions also used a larger 3.0 in (76.2 mm) instead of 2.5 in (63.5 mm) main bearing journal for increased strength. All generation-2 small-block Olds V8s used a stroke of 3.385 in (86 mm). The big-block engines initially used a forged crankshaft with a stroke of 3.975" for the 1965-1967 425 and 400 CID versions; starting in 1968, both the 400-cubic-inch (6.6 L) and the 455-cubic-inch (7.5 L) big blocks used a stroke of 4.25 in (107.9 mm), with crankshaft material changed to cast iron except in a few rare cases. These engines, while being a wedge-head, had a unique combustion chamber that resulted from a valve angle of only 6. This was much flatter than the 23 of the small-block Chevrolet and 20 of the Ford small-block wedge heads. This very open and flat chamber was fuel efficient and had lower than average emissions output. It was the only GM engine to meet US emission standards using a carburetor all the way up to 1990.

We service the Oldsmobile 350 motor. If you have any questions or comments on this motor, ask the Doctor! Your response will be answered as soon as possible...

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