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Nissan SR20DE

The SR20DE is a 2.0 L DOHC (1998 cc) engine; it originally produced 134hp (100 kW). This later increased to 140hp (104kW). The next evolution in the SR20DE was to the 145hp SR20DE RR in the 2000-2001 Nissan Sentra SE. This motor had an improved head design which had roller rocker cams that decreased friction in the head, the RR motor also had 4 counter weight's on the crank shafts instead of the 8 usually found on older SR20DE's. This lead to the better reving tendencies of the SR20DE RR. The SR20DE eventually became 165 PS (163 hp/121 kW) through the use of Nissan's VTC variable valve timing system in the S14 and S15 Nissan Silvia. There was also a LEV-version with 125 hp (93 kW) and 132 hp (98 kW). It was built from 1990 through 2002. The bore and stroke are both 86 mm (3.4 in). It uses SEFI. The redline for the lowport SR20DE is 7200 rpm and for the highport SR20DE 7800 rpm. There was a special "Autech" version with 175 PS (N15) and 180 PS (P10).

We service the Nissan SR20DE motor. If you have any questions or comments on this motor, ask the Doctor! Your response will be answered as soon as possible...

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