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Cylinder Head Repair New York

Cylinder Head Repair

We repair cylinder heads, resurface flywheels & braze cast iron. We specialize in head resurfacing, cylinder head pressure testing, magnafluxing, repairing cracked cylinder heads & blocks, valve seat and guide repair, valve grinding and much more. We also have reconditioned and rare heads in stock.

Cylinder Head Resurfacing

We repair and resurface many different types of cylinder heads including cast iron and aluminum cylinder heads. We cut them on the latest type of resurfacing equipment using a CBN for cast iron cylinder heads, and a PCD for aluminum cylinder heads.

Cylinder Head Pressure Testing

We pressure test cylinder heads for cracks and porosity. If we find problems we can replace or repair the cylinder head. It is very important to pressure test a cylinder head for cracks and water jacket leakage.

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